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Christmas in German-Speaking Europe

Select today’s date or any available date in our special German Advent calendar below to see the Christmas Fact of the Day. Special days in December are indicated by a red number. Note: Our calendar begins on December 1.

Advent calendar

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Learn more about Christmas (Weihnachten, VYE-NAHK-TEN) in Austria, Germany and Switzerland via our special Advent calendar and the Christmas Fact of the Day. Clicking on a window of this Advent calendar reveals the Christmas fact for that day. During the four weeks of Advent you’ll learn 24 facts about the Christmas celebration in German-speaking Europe. You’ll discover how many of the Christmas customs in the English-speaking world (and elsewhere) have come from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. But there are also some customs that are still unique to Europe.

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CALENDAR IMAGE: Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market in Berlin. © Hyde Flippo

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