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In our German Way Store you’ll find books, DVDs, travel items, and other products related to living, working or traveling in Germany, Austria and German Switzerland. Whether you’re traveling on business, as a tourist, studying as a student, or living as an expat in German-speaking Europe, we’ve got something for you. Also see the highlighted personal recommendations by some of our German Way Expat Bloggers.

Sony Center Berlin

Need a guidebook for Berlin? See Books: Germany for several choices. Pictured: The Sony Center fountain. PHOTO: Hyde Flippo

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Books: Germany
Our book recommendations for Germany: Travel, history, expats topics, learning German, and more.


The Perfect Phrases book can be found in our books section.

Books for Expats
Our recommendations for expats headed for Germany or already in Germany.

Books for Travelers
Selected travel books for those headed for Germany, or armchair travelers who hope to go there someday.

Books: German History and Geography
Selected books on Germanic history, art and culture, including biographies of notable people from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Books for German Language Learning
Selected books and audio for learning German.

Kindle or paperback editions!

Book cover

This expat guide is based on the German Way Expat Blog.

Why expats will want to get this book:
Expat life in Germany can include glorious outings to Alpine castles, bratwurst and beer in the local Biergarten, and weekly shopping trips to the farmer’s market on the colorful local square. But it also can mean isolation, displacement, unemployment, and exclusion. With blunt honesty the authors address these issues and many more. How do I deal with homesickness? How can I make friends in my new country? How do I deal with being an accompanying spouse? These are vital matters that rarely get covered in your standard expat “how to” guidebook. Get this book from (Kindle or paperback)

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Blu-ray and DVDMovies and TV

DVDs and Blu-ray Discs
Feature films related to Germany, Austria or Switzerland – plus Hollywood movies filmed in Germany or Europe.

Items for Travelers and International Road Warriors


International Travel Store – Our Travel Store features electrical items (adapters, transformers), appliances, luggage and backpacks, plus other international travel-related items. – Also see Jane’s Store Recommendations for some good travel items.

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More Kindle choices…

German Way Expat Blogger Recommendations
Our German Way Expat Blog team members offer their personal tips on products from our German Way Store.
Chloë’s Store Recommendations
Erin’s Store Recommendations
Hyde’s Store Recommendations
Jane’s Store Recommendations
Sarah’s Store Recommendations

Children’s Picture Book

The Sagebrush Singers by Herb Kernecker, illustrated by James Watts


This children’s picture book is based on the classic German fairy tale “The Bremen Town Musicians.” PUBLISHER: Humboldt American Press

This children’s picture book (ages 4 to 8) is an amusing and colorful recasting of the “The Bremen Town Musicians” transported to the American Southwest. The original animals – a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster – now become four desert dwellers: a burro, a coyote, a skunk, and a raven. They band together in this uplifting adventure of friendship and support. FOREWORD REVIEWS magazine: “…this hilarious romp subtly introduces the theme of human encroachment on nature through a fun, attention-grabbing story…” Special online bonus features include the title song, a helpful glossary, and the original Grimms’ story. More…

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