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NEW: Temp Work in Germany: Temporary Work in Germany: Leihfirmen und Zeitarbeit – Looking for work in Germany? Consider Zeitarbeitsfirmen und Zeitarbeit (Temporary Work Agencies and Temp Work) as one option.

NEW: Business in Germany: How To Set Up a Business in Germany – A practical guide for prospective entrepreneurs in Germany: How to prepare, get government support, register your company, and deal with legal issues.

NEW: Expat Employment: Arbeitsamt – A practical guide to dealing with Germany’s Bundesagentur für Arbeit. When expats want to get a job, change jobs, or draw unemployment benefits, this is how to work with the Arbeitsamt.

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This electronics store in Berlin is open at night (until 9:00 pm, Mon.-Sat.), something that is not very common in most of Germany. See “How to Shop in Germany” for more. PHOTO: Hyde Flippo

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