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How to Travel in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland…
and really enjoy it!

How do you pay the bill in a German restaurant? Should you take traveler’s checks or will your debit or credit card work in Austria? Does a US cell phone work in Europe? These are just a few of the kinds of questions you can find the answer to – here at our website and in our books on German language and culture.


The visitor terrace at Frankfurt International Airport’s Terminal 2. PHOTO: H. Flippo

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Travel Tips – Know Before You Go!
You probably know that you need a valid passport to travel to Germany from the US or Canada, but what else do you need to know? This guide will tell you.

Travel Tips – Getting Around
Cars, trains and planes – literally! Below you’ll find our guides to driving in Europe, renting a car, traveling by rail or taking to the air.

If you’ll be staying for a while, or even living in Europe, here are some practical tips to make life more enjoyable.

Places to Go, People to See!
Don’t miss the key sights and attractions in Austria, Germany or Switzerland! We don’t just tell you what to see, but when and why!

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