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Advice for Expats Living in German-speaking Europe

Welcome to your guide to daily life in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We’ll help you with questions related to working and living in Germany or one of the other German-speaking countries. For all of our topics, see the menu on the left, or select one of the items below. You can find even more information on many subjects in our Topic Index and Expat “How To” Guides.

Tram - Alex

A yellow “Metro” tram leaves Berlin’s Alexanderplatz station. It’s easy to get around in Berlin without a car. PHOTO: Hyde Flippo

Expat Checklist 1 (Before You Go)
Expat Checklist 2 (After You’re There)
Expat Repatriation – Re-entry or moving on when the assignment’s over

Germany for Beginners: The German Way Expat Guidebook – written by expats for expats. Learn from people who have been there and done that.

Topics: Living in Germany

Electrical Facts
Plugs, sockets, 220 volts, transformers, and all that stuff.

Cell Phones in Europe
Using a mobile phone (ein Handy) in Germany – with options for expats.

German Television
Watching TV in Germany: Solutions for expats.

Getting a Residence Permit for Germany
Who needs one? How do you apply? What documents do you need?

Having a Baby in Germany: Prenatal Care (Part 1) and…
Having a Baby in Germany: Giving Birth (Part 2)
A two-part guide with advice from two expat moms in Germany

Health Care in Germany
One requirement for a residence permit in Germany is proof of health insurance. What you need to know about the German health care system.

House and Home
How are German houses or apartments different from those in North America?

Expat “How To” Guides
All of our “How To” guides for expats in Germany

German Driver’s License Reciprocity
How to get a German driver’s license (for US and Canadian citizens). You can only drive legally with your North American license for six months in Germany. Then you need a German license.

The Identity Card (der Ausweis) and Other Red Tape
Germans need one, but if you hold a non-German passport, you don’t. However, expats do need to know about Anmeldung and Abmeldung.

The iPhone in Germany
How to use your iPhone in Germany: roaming in Europe, buying advice, finding a German wireless carrier, and more. Also see: Cell Phones in Europe

Moving to Germany: The Top 10 Things to Consider
A useful guide for would-be expats.

Moving to Germany: Tips for Your Overseas Move
Some specific advice on overseas moving.

Public Transport in Germany
Getting around locally via S-Bahn, U-Bahn, bus, and tram. The ins and outs of using public transport.

Shopping in Germany
You may think that shopping is shopping, but you’d be wrong. German shopping hours and other commercial customs vary greatly from what you may be used to. Also see Grocery Shopping in Germany for more on shopping for food.

Train Travel in Germany
Local, regional, national and international rail service means you may be able to get by without a car in Europe. Local and regional public transportation is particularly good in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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