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Kindle or paperback editions!

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Just published, this new book is based on the German Way Expat Blog. PUBLISHER: HUMBOLDT AMERICAN PRESS

Why expats will want to get this book:
Expat life in Germany can include glorious outings to Alpine castles, bratwurst and beer in the local Biergarten, and weekly shopping trips to the farmer’s market on the colorful local square. But it also can mean isolation, displacement, unemployment, and exclusion. With blunt honesty the authors address these issues and many more. How do I deal with homesickness? How can I make friends in my new country? How do I deal with being an accompanying spouse? These are vital matters that rarely get covered in your standard expat “how to” guidebook. Get this book from (Kindle or paperback)

When in Germany, Do As the Germans Do Paperback, Kindle
The Clued-In Guide to German Life, Language, and Culture
By Hyde Flippo, McGraw-Hill. A practical guide to German customs and how Germans conduct daily life.

German Survival Guide: The Language and Culture You Need to Travel with Confidence in Germany and Austria Paperback
By Elizabeth Bingham. This information-packed mini-course concentrates on preparing readers to travel in Germany and Austria in a limited time by focusing on what is most useful or interesting to travelers and cutting out unnecessary vocabulary and grammar.

Monuments Men book

The Monuments Men is just one of the interesting books we recommend here. See below for details.

The German Way Paperback
By Hyde Flippo, Passport Books/McGraw-Hill. Cultural and practical information related to Germany and other countries in German-speaking Europe.

The Xenophobe’s Guide to the Germans Paperback or Kindle
By S. Zeidenitz and B. Barkow. The Xenophobe’s Guides are “an irreverent look at the beliefs and foibles of nations, almost guaranteed to cure xenophobia.” Biting humor is definitely there, but sometimes the truth will set you… laughing! Find out about the Germans with at least one chuckle or guffaw on every page, and usually more! From The Xenophobe’s Guide to the Germans: “Virtually all Germans have health problems, and if they don’t, there must be something wrong with them… Most of what ails them is stress related. No nation was ever more stressed, but this is understandable. After all, running Europe can take it out of you.”

Also see:
The Xenophobe’s Guide to the Austrians Paperback or Kindle
The Xenophobe’s Guide to the Swiss Paperback or Kindle


Frommer’s Germany
Completely updated every year, Frommer’s Germany features gorgeous color photos of the dazzling baroque architecture, picturesque villages, and beer gardens that await you.

Fodor’s Germany (Full-color Travel Guide) Paperback, Kindle
From hip and sexy Berlin to tradition-laden Munich, Fodor’s Germany covers the best Germany has to offer. This full-color guide will help travelers plan the perfect trip, from scenic drives through quaint half-timber towns to wine tasting in the country’s top wine regions.

Rick Steves – Germany 2018 Kindle or paperback, 944 pages
This guidebook takes you from fairy-tale castles, alpine forests, and quaint villages to the energetic Germany of today. Get the details on cruising the romantic Rhine or summiting the Zugspitze. Have a relaxing soak at a Black Forest mineral spa or take an exhilarating summer bobsled ride in the Bavarian Alps. Flash back to Berlin’s turbulent past at Checkpoint Charlie; then celebrate the rebirth of Dresden and its glorious Frauenkirche.

Eyewitness Germany

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DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Germany Paperback
Amazon: “Packed with photographs, illustrations, and detailed maps, this book will lead you straight to the very best of this beautiful country, from its beautiful castles and cathedrals; popular beer halls, festivals, and Christmas markets; to walks and hikes through the countryside. Includes 3-D illustrated cutaways and floor plans of must-see sights, plus street-by-street maps of towns and cities. Comprehensive listings showcase the best hotels, resorts, restaurants, and nightlife in each region for all budgets.”


Rick Steves – Pocket Munich & Salzburg Paperback, Kindle
Amazon: “…a ‘tour guide in your pocket.’ Each colorful, compact book includes Rick’s advice for prioritizing your time, whether you’re spending 1 or 7 days in a city. Everything a busy traveler needs is easy to access: a neighborhood overview, city walks and tours, sights, handy food and accommodations charts, an appendix packed with information on trip planning and practicalities, and a fold-out city map.

The Swan King: Ludwig II of Bavaria
Amazon: “Ludwig II of Bavaria has inspired a fascination like no other 19th century monarch. Best remembered for his patronage of Wagner and the imaginative genius of his extraordinary “fantasies in stone”, and alternately dubbed ‘the Swan King’, the ‘Mad King’, and the ‘Dream King’, Ludwig’s life and death have long been characterized by mystery, legend, and romance.”

Munich & The Bavarian Alps (DK Eyewitness Travel Guides) Paperback
NEW! The Eyewitness guides are well illustrated and highly reviewed by travelers. Reader comment: “If you’re planning on spending just a few days in Munich, then this compact little guide will be indispensable in locating the famous beer halls and tourist sights. The maps are more than adequate and the walking descriptions to each locale are precise and accurate.”

Daytrips Germany: 60 One Day Adventures by Rail or by Car in Bavaria, the Rhineland, the North and the East
By Earl Steinbicker. Paperback.
A favorite guidebook for adventurous travelers who prefer to make their own tours. Each of the 60 one-day adventures is complete with a do-it-yourself walking tour, a map, full travel directions, time and weather considerations, restaurant suggestions, background information, and concise descriptions of all worthwhile sights.

Fodor’s Berlin Paperback or Kindle
Berlin continues to be one of the hottest destinations in Europe and now Fodor’s has a guidebook to help travelers navigate this exciting city. Our essential new city guide showcases the best way for to explore the city’s history, where to go for cutting-edge arts and entertainment, and, of course, the best food and nightlife spots.

Rick Steves Berlin

Rick Steves Berlin

Rick Steves – Berlin Paperback or Kindle (Sept. 2017)
With the self-guided tours in this book, you’ll walk through the Brandenburg Gate, climb the Reichstag’s dome, and flash back to the city’s turbulent past at Checkpoint Charlie. Cruise the Spree River and explore art and antiquities on Museum Island. End the day with a walk through hip Prenzlauer Berg before raising a mug at a classic beer garden.

Rick Steves – Snapshot Berlin Paperback or Kindle
The best of Berlin, including tips on arrival, orientation, and transportation. Visit the Jewish Museum, the Reichstag Parliament Building, the New Synagogue, or the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. You’ll get tips on all the best tours and least-crowded visiting hours. Rick offers his firsthand advice on the best sights, eating, sleeping, and nightlife, and the maps and self-guided tours will ensure you make the most of your experience. More than just reviews and directions, a Rick Steves Snapshot guide is a tour guide in your pocket.


Berlin Wall
The Berlin Wall: A World Divided, 1961-1989 by Frederick Taylor (Paperback or Kindle)
Publishers Weekly (Starred Review): “Walls, like those of Hadrian and Maginot, do not have a good reputation, and Taylor (Dresden) has written a superb narrative of the rise and fall of the monstrous one that scarred Berlin between August 1961 and November 1989. Walls, too, are more than merely bricks and mortar (or, in the 100-mile-long Berlin version’s case, anti-vehicle crash obstacles, unclimbable barriers, barbed-wire fences, self-activating searchlights and heavily armed border guards), and one of Taylor’s major themes is the Berlin Wall’s significance in the global power politics of the Cold War.” If you think you know all about the history of the Berlin Wall, reading this book will teach you otherwise – in an entertaining way.

The Monuments Men Paperback or Kindle edition
At the same time Adolf Hitler was attempting to take over the western world, his armies were methodically seeking and hoarding the finest art treasures in Europe. The Führer had begun cataloguing the art he planned to collect as well as the art he would destroy: “degenerate” works he despised. In a race against time, behind enemy lines, often unarmed, a special force of American and British museum directors, curators, art historians, and others, called the Monuments Men, risked their lives scouring Europe to prevent the destruction of thousands of years of culture. – Also see the film version in the DVD and Blu-ray section of our Store.

An Expat Blogger Recommendation
Chloë’s Book Tip: Germania: In Wayward Pursuit of the Germans and Their History by Simon Winder (Paperback or Kindle)
More of Chloë’s recommendations

Bauhaus The Bauhaus: 1919-1933 Taschen, Paperback
By Magdalena Droste. Today, more than 90 years after its inception in Germany, the Bauhaus style still emanates vitality. As a school that strove to combine applied art with both the fine arts and technology, the Bauhaus movement has outlasted all other trends in architecture and design.

The Rape of Europa
Winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award
The full story behind the events depicted in the motion picture The Monuments Men. The cast of characters includes Hitler and Goering, Gertrude Stein and Marc Chagall – not to mention works by artists from Leonardo da Vinci to Pablo Picasso. And the story told in this superbly researched and suspenseful book is that of the Third Reich’s war on European culture and the Allies’ desperate effort to preserve it.


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For expats!
Germany for Beginners: The German Way Expat Guidebook Paperback or Kindle
Edited by Jane Park and Hyde Flippo. Published by Humboldt American Press in May 2016. Learn more about this book.

When in Germany, Do as the Germans Do Paperback
The Clued-In Guide to German Life, Language, and Culture
By Hyde Flippo, McGraw-Hill. A practical guide to German customs and how Germans conduct daily life.

Art of Coming Home

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The Art of Coming Home Paperback, Kindle
Many expats fail to understand and prepare for the culture shock and other potential problems that can arise when a foreign assignment comes to an end. Storti’s book is a guide to reentry for the expat, as well as his or her spouse and children.

Deutsch macht Spaß! – A German Grammar Review Paperback
By Brigitte S. Dubiel. Deutsch macht Spaß! means German is Fun! Living up to its title, the book makes clever use of German versions of amusing Hagar® and Peanuts® cartoons to review German grammar and vocabulary. Avoiding grammatical mumbo jumbo, the author clearly and concisely shows you how German sentences are put together. Includes audio links, answer keys, and a complete German–English glossary.

Perfect Phrases in German for Confident Travel: The No Faux-Pas Phrasebook for the Perfect Trip Paperback or Kindle
By Hyde Flippo. Fit in with the locals and avoid embarrassment by using the right phrases. As you plan your trip to Germany, remember to pack this phrasebook! It is the only one that not only has the words and phrases you need to communicate clearly but also explains when and how to use them.

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