The German Way and More is a guide to understanding how people from every corner of the German-speaking world think, do business, and act in their daily lives. Based on the German Way book, our guide is aimed at travelers, business people, students and expats in the German-speaking countries.

GW Bloggers in Berlin

Some of the GW Expat Bloggers meet in Berlin: Hyde, Jane, Erin, Chloë.
PHOTO: GW Expat Blog

Our 200+ information pages and the German Way Expat Blog make up an indispensable reference to the common as well as the divergent cultural traits of German-speaking people in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Familiarity with the varied ways in which these people celebrate holidays, interact with one another, eat, dress, and so on will increase your ability to adjust to life there – whether you are living there or just passing through.

Our site provides insights into the rich variety of customs and attitudes found in the German-speaking countries. We’ll help you break the cultural barriers – and appreciate the way things are done in the German-speaking world.

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Our publishing house, H. Flippo & Sons Publishing Co., LLC, under its Humboldt American Press imprint, published a new German grammar review book featuring Hagar® and Peanuts® cartoons in German in October 2012. Deutsch macht Spaß is authored by Brigitte Dubiel. Our latest title is Germany for Beginners: The German Way Expat Guidebook. This new book, based on our online Expat Blog, appeared in spring 2016. It is available in paperback and ebook editions from Amazon or your local bookseller. More Humboldt American Press titles are in preparation.

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