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The German Way Expat Blog is an integral part of the German Way website. It is aimed at English-speaking expats living or planning to live in Austria, Germany, German Switzerland, or any other German-speaking country (there are at least nine, depending on various criteria) – but anyone interested in the German-speaking countries will find our blog and website of interest.


Hyde in Hannover, Germany
PHOTO © Cheryl Flippo

The GW Expat Blog Team
Entries are written by German Way webmaster Hyde Flippo (HF) and our highly experienced blog team members Chloë D, Erin (“ebe”) Porter (both in Berlin), and Alie (in the Stuttgart area). Our two newest team members are Laura Vásquez in Karlsruhe and Sarah Elwell in Bremen.

Former German Way bloggers Jay, Jane, Sarah (sarahfancy) and Ruth wrote many GW Expat Blog posts, and also contributed to our new book: Germany for Beginners: The German Way Expat Guidebook. Topics by another former GW blog writer, JessicaL, can also be found in the new book. Jessica lived in Switzerland and Germany before moving to Russia and Denmark. Still in Denmark (with summers in Canada), Jessica now has a baby daughter and does freelance writing.

We also welcome guest bloggers who can write for us on occasion.

About Hyde: As a high school teacher and community college instructor of German for almost 30 years, Hyde visited German-speaking Europe many times, including US student exchanges with families in Berlin, Freiburg and Austria. After writing his first book on German culture and daily life (The German Way), Hyde also developed the corresponding German Way website. Since then he has spent much time in Europe and Germany, and written several more books related to the German language and culture. His Humboldt American publishing house concentrates on titles related to the many relationships between the US and the German-speaking countries. For more, see our blog contact page.

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