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Information, resources and photos to help you have better experience in Switzerland – called die Schweiz (dee SCHVEYTS) in German. Although it is located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, and it does not use the common euro currency, preferring its own Swiss franc (CHF), one of the world’s most stable currencies.


Driving on a Swiss autobahn headed towards Baden and Zurich.
PHOTO © Hyde Flippo

Switzerland may be a small country (slightly smaller than the US states of New Hampshire and Vermont combined), but it offers an almost unlimited range of geography, history and scenic attractions.

Driving in Switzerland is a pleasure with the country’s extensive network of good highways and autobahns. The Swiss national rail system (SBB) plus private Alpine railways can zip you quickly to the next town or from one end of the nation to another. Air travelers usually arrive at Zurich’s Kloten Airport. Besides Switzerland’s own airline, known simply as Swiss, Air Berlin, American, British Airways, Delta, EasyJet, Lufthansa and other international airlines have connections to and from Switzerland.

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Getting Started
So you’re off to Switzerland. Here are some things that can help before you get there:

Zurich International Airport (ZRH): Official Website

Swiss Destinations

  • City Guide: Bern – Watch for this guide coming soon.
  • City Guide: Zurich – Watch for this guide coming soon.

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