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The following infographic, provided by, shows interesting facts and some of the history of the German Autobahn, which dates back to a 12-mile stretch of limited-access motorway that was built in Berlin in 1913 (the AVUS). In 1932, Konrad Adenauer, the mayor of Cologne (and later West Germany’s first chancellor), dedicated what many consider the first real autobahn between Cologne and Bonn.

Today the German autobahn network spans all of Germany. The infographic below shatters some of the many autobahn myths, but also provides useful information about driving on the autobahn. Yes, there are speed limits on many sections of Germany’s superhighways, but there are stretches with no speed limit. Yet the death rate per billion kilometers driven is lower on Germany’s autobahns (2.7 fatalities) than on the US Interstate highways (4.5 fatalities).

Do you know the items that German law requires drivers to have in their car? It’s in the infographic. Enjoy!

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Autobahn Adventure infographic

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