The new U.S. Embassy in Berlin.

The new U.S. Embassy in Berlin. Photo © H. Flippo


Welcome to our new GW Expat Blog! We’re still getting organized, but soon you’ll be able to join us for discussions of life in German-speaking Europe. We’ll talk about all sorts of expat issues, plus general ramblings on topics related to travel, business, history, and living in a culture that is different from the one you grew up in. We’ll also be looking for regular contributors – with expat experience and a love of writing. Bis bald!

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About HF

Born in New Mexico USA. Grew up in Calif., N.C., Florida. Tulane and U. of Nev. Reno. Taught German for 28 years. Lived in Berlin twice (2011, 2007-2008). Extensive travel in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, much of Europe, and Mexico. Book author and publisher - with expat interests.

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  3. Hi Hyde,
    I wish you were still the German language host at About.com.
    I haven’t been getting my weekly newsletters there for quite some time, and I wonder if they have a new host yet.
    I hope that the newsletters will resume.
    I just discovered your expat forum, and I signed up.
    I’m no longer an expat, but this forum will remind me of life in Germany.
    I’ll probably return to Germany to visit in a year or two, but it’s lovely to read about life in “der alten Heimat”.
    Yours sincerely,
    Marti 🙂

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