Wanted: Expat bloggers

As much as possible, I want to make our German Way Expat Blog a shared experience — not only through comments (more on that below), but also by having co-bloggers, co-writers. If you are an English-speaking expat living in Austria, Germany, or German Switzerland, and you like to write, I invite you to apply for the (non-paying) job of co-blogger. Depending on how many co-bloggers we end up with, you would probably only have to blog once or twice a month on a topic of your choosing (related to expats in German-speaking Europe). To learn more and to apply, please see this page: Be a GW expat blogger!

A comment on comments*
In an attempt to encourage comments, I am going to experiment with doing away with the requirement to be a registered member before you can add a comment. Although registration is free and requires a minimum of personal information, it may be hindering a more open exchange of information, similar to that found in our Yahoo Groups GW Forum. So, on a trial basis, I’m going to see if open comments (subject to review) will work.* If it doesn’t generate too many problems, then it may become our standard policy. We want you to share your thoughts and add to the value of this blog — as a reader or a co-blogger.

*As of 22 Feb. 2009, I had to return to our former policy of allowing comments only from registered users. Sorry, but the spam was getting a bit too bothersome. We encourage you to register and leave comments. It’s free and requires only a few seconds. (We will not share your info with anyone.)


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