Food at German Schools

Photo: Erin Porter

Photo: Erin Porter

Every morning I scramble around our kitchen, looking for appropriate snacks for a 15-month-old. Cucumber? I think she is eating that lately. German roll, or rice cake? Blueberries are always a yes. Is Würstchen trying too hard?

Blearily, I stash these goods in her little green lunch box and send her off to Krippe. And even if she doesn’t eat my lovingly packed breakfast and Vesper (snack) I know she is getting a warm lunch at school everyday.

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Ten Reasons Why You Should NOT Become an Expat

I’m the last person to discourage anyone from choosing the expatriate life, but…

Kranzlereck, Berlin

The new Kranzlereck viewed from the terrace of the Café Kranzler in Berlin. Could YOU be sitting here one day soon? PHOTO: Andrea Goldmann

There are some people who simply should not leave their familiar home territory. Expatriates meet these people all the time. They are the ones who constantly gripe about their adopted country and its people. They seem to be constantly unhappy, and they make you wonder why they ever left home in the first place.

Of course, not everyone becomes an expatriate by choice. Some people end up in Germany or another country because of a military, government, or company assignment. But most people have a choice, even if it’s someone being sent on an overseas job assignment, or a student who wants to study abroad. Continue reading

Luisa Weiss’ Advice for the Expat in Germany

It’s Monday, but I got to talk to the creator and author behind the popular food blog The Wednesday Chef, Luisa Weiss, last week. She’s also the author of the best-selling memoir, My Berlin Kitchen which came out late last year, and as you may have guessed, she lives in Berlin.

My Berlin Kitchen

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