Learning German for Kids Part Two

I wrote in my previous post about various toys, books, and CDs that might help kids to retain the German language they’ve acquired while living in Germany. The reason for my thinking of this topic was inspired by a conversation I had with Ann Belle of Belle NRW when she was getting ready to move her German-speaking Kindergarten-aged kids back to America. Six months later, she’s built on this list and added a number of concrete tips that are definitely worth sharing. Thank you, Ann, for generously sharing your resrouces with the German Way! Continue reading

Slow German

I first became a fan of Annik Rubens a few years ago when I discovered her Schlaflos in München (SiM, Sleepless in Munich) podcast, which, as I write this, is now on episode 506. I wrote about her unique podcasts in German — and others — in 2005, when I was still the Guide for German at About.com (“Listening to Podcasts in German“). Since then she was on hiatus from “Schlaflos” for a while, and I lost contact with her podcast. But now she’s back — and has added a special podcast for people who may not be able to keep up with SiM (in regular German). Logically and simply titled “Slow German,” this newer podcast by Rubens is designed for people who want to improve their German skills, particularly listening. Continue reading