“For Expats, by Expats” – The Making of Germany for Beginners: The German Way Expat Guidebook

“What if you could sit down with a team of expats, and get advice from people who together have decades of experience living and working in Germany?”

Whether you’re new to expat life in German-speaking Europe, or you’ve been an expat for years, there’s always more to learn about coping with culture shock and all the other challenges that English-speaking expats encounter after moving to Germany, Austria or German Switzerland. So, what if you could sit down with a team of expats, and get advice from people who together have decades of experience living and working in Germany? It may sound impossible, but now there’s a way to do something just like that – via a new book to be published this spring.

Now Available!
Germany for Beginners is now available from Amazon.com and Amazon.de in ebook and paperback editions. See more buying options here.

GFB cover

Germany for Beginners will be available in paperback and e-book editions.

Germany for Beginners: The German Way Expat Guidebook allows you to gain access to the personal knowledge and experience of eight current and former expats, who have written about their experiences for the German Way Expat Blog for years. Many of our expat writers living in Germany and Switzerland have been sharing their thoughts and tips every week since the blog began in October 2008 until now. That means there were more than 350 blog posts online at the time the book was being prepared. (More recent posts and other topics will be published in a planned second volume.)

But 350 blog posts would make a much too lengthy, unwieldy book. So the Germany for Beginners editors went through all those posts, gathering together the best, most relevant and helpful ones. Then they arranged them by topic and carefully edited the selected items into an anthology for your reading enjoyment. Out of 350+ posts, the editors ended up with 78 entries under 19 expat topics arranged alphabetically for the Germany for Beginners book – all carefully edited and updated, some with photos. Continue reading

Auf Wiedersehen, tschüß, Bis dann!

So goes the life of an expat hockey-wife, I am once again preparing to move to a new land. This move is one like no other as it is taking my husband and me to the most foreign place we will have ever lived: Russia.

After six years in Germany and Switzerland, I really feel like I am leaving a home. Though I have lived in three different cities over that time, the constant German-speaking bubble that I have traveled within has provided me with a level of comfort, continuity, and confidence that I grew very fond of. Now I am again starting at square one. I will once again be the new kid on the block, the one who will need help with everything, who will be nervous and unsure, and at times frustrated and embarrassed. I will once again feel that gut-deep feeling of homesickness, but this time it will be for two homes; one I know I will be returning to as I have each summer, and another, my German-speaking bubble, which I may never return to again.

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Luisa Weiss’ Advice for the Expat in Germany

It’s Monday, but I got to talk to the creator and author behind the popular food blog The Wednesday Chef, Luisa Weiss, last week. She’s also the author of the best-selling memoir, My Berlin Kitchen which came out late last year, and as you may have guessed, she lives in Berlin.

My Berlin Kitchen

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More Expat Bloggers Wanted!

It was back in January 2009 when I first wrote Wanted: Expat bloggers, asking for co-bloggers. I was lucky enough then to get three very good bloggers to help out here, but now one of them has had to leave us. We are once again accepting applications for bloggers with experience living in any of the German-speaking countries.

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Wanted: Expat bloggers

As much as possible, I want to make our German Way Expat Blog a shared experience — not only through comments (more on that below), but also by having co-bloggers, co-writers. If you are an English-speaking expat living in Austria, Germany, or German Switzerland, and you like to write, I invite you to apply for the (non-paying) job of co-blogger. Depending on how many co-bloggers we end up with, you would probably only have to blog once or twice a month on a topic of your choosing (related to expats in German-speaking Europe). To learn more and to apply, please see this page: Be a GW expat blogger!

A comment on comments*
In an attempt to encourage comments, I am going to experiment with doing away with the requirement to be a registered member before you can add a comment. Although registration is free and requires a minimum of personal information, it may be hindering a more open exchange of information, similar to that found in our Yahoo Groups GW Forum. So, on a trial basis, I’m going to see if open comments (subject to review) will work.* If it doesn’t generate too many problems, then it may become our standard policy. We want you to share your thoughts and add to the value of this blog — as a reader or a co-blogger.

*As of 22 Feb. 2009, I had to return to our former policy of allowing comments only from registered users. Sorry, but the spam was getting a bit too bothersome. We encourage you to register and leave comments. It’s free and requires only a few seconds. (We will not share your info with anyone.)