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Peter Lorre Filmography (1929-1964)


Der weiße Teufel | The White Devil (1930)
Lorre’s first credited film appearance was a minor role in this German film, shot in the French Alps, starring a Russian (Ivan Mozzhukhin) and Java-born German actress Lil Dagover. Directed by Alexandre Volkoff. Lorre’s actual (uncredited) first film role was as a dental patient in the 1929 film Die verschwundene Frau (The Missing Woman).


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M | M: Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder (1931)
M – US release (Paramount) 1933
This film was directed in Germany by the Austrian-born Fritz Lang. In one of his best roles, Lorre plays a sexual predator and child murderer.
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F.P.1 antwortet nicht | F.P. 1 Doesn’t Answer (1932)
Lorre is a picture reporter in this German sci-fi film starring Hans Albers and Sybille Schmitz. The US (English) version stars Conrad Veidt and Jill Esmond – without Lorre (who spoke no English before his arrival in the US).

Unsichtbare Gegner | Invisible Opponents (1933)
This Austrian production, filmed in Vienna, was Lorre’s last picture before he was forced to leave Nazi Germany. The film also starred another future Hollywood refugee, Oskar Homolka.

The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)
Filmed in the UK. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock and better in some ways than his own 1956 remake (with James Stewart, but without Lorre).
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Crime and Punishment (1935)
Directed by Josef von Sternberg. Lorre stars with Edward Arnold and Marian Marsh in this Hollywood version of Dostoyevsky’s novel.

Mad Love (1935)
Directed by Karl Freund; a remake of 1924’s The Hands of Orlac.
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Lancer Spy (1937)
Lorre (Maj. Sigfried Gruning) stars with Dolores del Rio and George Sanders in this WWI tale, with del Rio playing a Mata Hari character. Fellow emigrés Sig Rumann and Joseph Schildkraut also appear.

Think Fast, Mr. Moto (1937)
The first of eight Mr. Moto films made between 1937 and 1939 – in which the Austrian actor plays a Japanese detective.
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Mr. Moto’s Last Warning (1939)
The sixth Mr. Moto film adventure, with Ricardo Cortez.DVDDVD > Buy Mr. Moto’s Last Warning
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Island of Doomed Men (1940)
Leonard Maltin: “Low-grade melodrama even Lorre can’t save as man who traps unsuspecting victims on island, turns them into his slaves.”

All Through the Night (1941)
Humphrey Bogart stars with Conrad Veidt and Karen Verne (later Lorre’s wife) in this Warner Brothers anti-Nazi film.

The Maltese Falcon (1941)
John Huston directed this classic film noir with Lorre (as Joel Cairo), Humphrey Bogart, Sydney Greenstreet and Mary Astor.
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Casablanca (1942)
A true classic with Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and Sydney Greenstreet—not to mention a musical score by the Austrian Max Steiner and Germanic cast members such as Paul Henreid and Conrad Veidt. Lorre’s Casablanca role (as Ugarte) is one of his very best. That’s why it’s hard to believe his on-screen time is under five minutes!
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Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)
Dark comedy with Lorre, Cary Grant, Priscila Lane and Raymond Massey. – DVDDVD > Buy Arsenic and Old Lace

The Mask of Dimitrios (1944)
Stars Lorre, Sidney Greenstreet, Zachary Scott and Faye Emerson.

Confidential Agent (1945)
Lorre, gets to work with Charles Boyer and Lauren Bacall in this Graham Greene Spanish Civil War spy tale. Musical score by Franz Waxman.

Hotel Berlin (1945)
Lorre plays Johannes Koenig in this Vicki Baum-written wartime drama. With Helmut Dantine, Faye Emerson and Raymond Massey. Near the end of the war, a member of the German underground (Dantine) escapes from the Gestapo and takes shelter at the Hotel Berlin.

The Beast With Five Fingers (1946)
Another Hands of Orlac retread.

Three Strangers (1946)
The strangers are Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet and Geraldine Fitzgerald.

My Favorite Brunette (1947)
A comedy starring Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour.
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Casbah (1948)
The third remake of the French film Pepe le Moko (1937) features Yvonne de Carlo, Tony Martin, and Lorre as a police detective. Algiers (1938) was the second remake, and Austrian Hedy Lamarr’s first Hollywood film.

Rope of Sand (1949)
Stars Burt Lancaster and Paul Henreid. Directed by German-born William (Wilhelm) Dieterle.

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Quicksand (1950)
Who knew Mickey Rooney made a film noir? Also stars Barbara Bates. Jeanne Cagney (James’ sister) plays a blonde femme fatale. Lorre is excellent as the unsavory bad guy in this above-average B-picture directed by Irving Pichel. Filmed in and around Santa Monica, California.DVDDVD > Buy Quicksand

Der Verlorene | The Lost One (1951, Germany)
Lorre played Dr. Karl Rothe in this German film. Written and directed by Lorre, the picture was a flop and he soon returned to Hollywood.

Beat the Devil | Il tesoro dell’Africa (1953)
John Huston directed this satire of The Maltese Falcon, an underrated cult favorite today. Lorre joined Humphrey Bogart, Jennifer Jones, and Gina Lollabrigida for the fun on location in Italy.
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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)
Disney’s Jules Verne classic, with a singing Kirk Douglas and a rather portly Lorre; directed by German-American Richard Fleischer.
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Around the World in 80 Days (1956)
Another Jules Verne adventure, filmed in Todd-AO widescreen and starring David Niven and Cantinflas. Cameos by almost every actor in the world, including Lorre as a Japanese steward. Marlene Dietrich also has a cameo role as a saloon girl.
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Silk Stockings (1957)
Stars Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse; a musical version of Ninotchka (directed by the German Ernst Lubitsch).
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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961)
A sci-fi global-warming adventure with Walter Pidgeon as an admiral and Lorre as Commodore Lucius Emery.
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Five Weeks in a Balloon (1962)
Yet another Jules Verne filmization featuring Lorre. Also with Red Buttons, Barbara Eden, Cedric Hardwicke and Fabian.
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Tales of Terror (1962)
A trio of Poe stories with Vincent Price and Basil Rathbone; directed by Roger Corman. Peter Lorre appears in “The Black Cat” segment.
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The Raven (1963)
Vincent Price and Lorre (as Dr. Adolphus Bedlo) team up against Boris Karloff in the first of two horror spoofs directed by Roger Corman. (See Comedy of Terrors below.) Little connection with its poetical Poe namesake, but good for laughs. Also features a very young Jack Nicholson – as Lorre’s son.
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Comedy of Terrors (1963)
Lorre’s lighter side again, with Karloff and Price also returning from The Raven. A dash of Basil Rathbone is added this time for good measure.
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Muscle Beach Party (1964)
Lorre has a minor role as Mr. Strangdour in this second installment of the MGM beach films, which stars Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, and Don Rickles.
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The Patsy (1964)
Lorre’s last movie and one of Jerry Lewis’ weakest attempts at humor. If you want to see the same story done better, try The Errand Boy – but some Lewis fans like this film.
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Television Work from 1952 to 1963
In addition to his motion picture work, Peter Lorre also appeared in one or more episodes of the following American television programs (alphabetical listing):

77 Sunset Strip (1963, 5 episodes)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1957-1960, 2 episodes)
Climax (1954-1957, 5 episodes)
Five Fingers (1959)
The Jackie Gleason Show (1956)
Kraft Suspense Theatre (1963)
The Lux Video Theatre (1952)
The Milton Berle Show (1958)
Playhouse 90 (1956-1960, 6 episodes)
Rawhide (1960)
The Red Skelton Show (1954-1960, 9 episodes)
Route 66 (1962)
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (1954)
Screen Directors Playhouse (1956)
Studio 57 (1956)
Suspense (1952)
The United States Steel Hour (1953)
Wagon Train (1960)

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