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Birth Dates and the Dates of Holidays and Observances

As part of our extensive list of notable people from the German-speaking countries, we now offer a special calendar with brief biographical info and the birth dates of over 320 people, plus the dates of holidays and observances across German-speaking Europe.


Nena (Gabriele Susanne Kerner) was born on March 24, 1961.
PHOTO: Michael Movchin/Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to our “Birthday and Holidays Calendar” page. Unlike a normal wall calendar, this special calendar is a great, FREE resource for teachers of German and their students, or anyone interested in knowing more about the many notable people, past and present, who came from or live in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Learn more about the calendar and how to get it below.

Birthday and Holiday Calendar – Listed alphabetically and by date
2015-2016 Edition (PDF) (30 pages, annotated)
Note: This is not a normal 12-month wall calendar, but a list of notable German-speakers and their birth dates, plus a list of national and regional holidays in Austria, Germany and Switzerland – with dates. Please be aware that this PDF has not been updated for 2017, and may not reflect the death year of some personalities. (Also see our online Holidays and Celebrations calendar.)

While this year’s calendar is similar to the earlier 2014 edition (pictured below), the 2015-2016 edition has been greatly expanded and improved, with the addition of many more noted personalities.

Bio calendar

Also as before, the current edition of the Birthday and Holiday Calendar includes a monthly listing of birthdays – so you can discover who was born on any given date. For example, under March 14 you’ll find: Paul Ehrlich, Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Petersen, and Johann Strauss, Sr. For more about these people see the sample bios below.

The Birthday and Holiday Calendar PDF Download
Get our free Birthday and Holiday Calendar in PDF format. You can print it out in color or black-and-white – or not. You can also just view the PDF file on your computer monitor or handheld device.

INSTRUCTIONS: Some web browsers download a PDF file within the browser (like a normal web page), while others download a PDF file to your “Downloads” folder. (This can also be set in your browser preferences.) If the PDF file downloads as a normal page, simply use your browser’s “Save as” or “Import as” option to save the PDF. If your browser shows a download window, you can just click on the downloaded PDF file to open it and then save it. (You need the free Adobe Reader or other PDF viewing software on your computer or device.)

DOWNLOAD > PDF: The German Way Birthday and Holiday Calendar

Our 2012 and 2013 “Quotation Calendars” are no longer available. They were of interest primarily for their monthly quotations by notable German-speakers – in German with English translations. We may make these earlier calendar editions available again later. Stay tuned.

Biographies: Featured and Mini

If you aren’t familiar with our featured and mini biographies of notable Austrians, Germans and German-Swiss, please see the sample items below. For a full listing, see Notable People A-Z.

Mini Biographies
These are short biographies of notable German-speakers. We call them Mini Bios. Below are sample links for people born on March 14.

  • Paul Ehrlich (1854-1915) German bacteriologist, physician – Gravesite > Ehrlich’s Grave
  • Albert Einstein (1879-1955) and his Theory of Relativity > Mini bio
  • Wolfgang Petersen (1941- ) The German director of Das Boot and Air Force One is just one of many Germans and Austrians who made or are now making The German-Hollywood Connection.
  • Johann Strauss, Sr. (1804-1849) Austrian composer, father of the “Waltz King,” Johann, Jr.

Featured Biographies
These are more detailed biographies than our Mini Bios. Below are some people with full biographies. Click on a name to go to that biography.

  • Konrad Adenauer (1876-1967) was West Germany’s very first chancellor.
  • Ursula Andress (1935- ) is the Swiss actress who was the first Bond girl.
  • Ludwig II of Bavaria (1845-1886) was the famous King of Bavaria (1864-1886) who built Neuschwanstein Castle and other palaces. Learn more about the king and his Wittelsbach dynasty.
  • Leni Riefenstahl (1902-2003) was a controversial film director during the Nazi era.
  • Conrad Veidt (1893-1943), best known as the evil Major Strasser in Casablanca, was a German film actor who worked in Hollywood during both the silent and talkies eras.
  • Konrad Zuse (1910-1995) invented the first digital, programmable computer.

For more, see Featured Biographies from the German Way.

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