More Expat Bloggers Wanted!

It was back in January 2009 when I first wrote Wanted: Expat bloggers, asking for co-bloggers. I was lucky enough then to get three very good bloggers to help out here, but now one of them has had to leave us. We are once again accepting applications for bloggers with experience living in any of the German-speaking countries.

What I wrote in 2009 still applies…

“As much as possible, I want to make our German Way Expat Blog a shared experience — not only through comments…, but also by having co-bloggers, co-writers. If you are an English-speaking expat living in Austria, Germany, or German Switzerland, and you like to write, I invite you to apply for the (non-paying) job of co-blogger. Depending on how many co-bloggers we end up with, you would probably only have to blog once or twice a month on a topic of your choosing (related to expats in German-speaking Europe). To learn more and to apply, please see this page: Be a GW expat blogger!

If you have writing talent and at least six months experience living in a German-speaking country, please follow the link above to get more information about how to apply.