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A collection of advanced and intermediate German vocabulary with model sentences in German and English – plus audio. These vocabulary archives have been transferred from our former site, which is now closed. Over the next weeks and months we will continue to add more vocabulary.

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labil (adj) unstable, weak; disoriented, precarious, labile; frail, delicate (health); poor (circulation); with no strength of character

Schnee ist ein brüchiges, labiles und unzuverlässiges Material. (in der Fachzeitschrift «Physical Review E»)
Snow is a fragile, weak, and unreliable material. (in the journal Physical Review E [on why avalanches occur])
Britneys Psycho-Update – «Unverändert instabil und immer noch labil…»
Britney’s psycho update: “Consistently unstable, and still fragile…”

die Labilität instability, frailty
psychisch labil emotionally/mentally unstable

das Dingsbums (no pl.)
das Dingsda (no pl.) dealiebob, doodad, doodah, doohickey, gizmo, thingamabob, thingamajig, thingy, whatchamacallit, whatsit

“Dingsda” “Thingamajig”
(Title of a German TV show modeled after the US shows “Kids Say the Darndest Things” and “Child’s Play.”)
Wie heißt nochmal das Dingsbums?
What the heck is the thingamajig called?
Wie heißt nochmal der Dingsbums?
What the heck is whosit’s name?

Note: In German, “Dingsda” is a Platzhaltername (a placeholder word).

der/die Dingsbums/Dingsda what’s his/her name, whosis, whosit
das Dingens thingamabob, thingamajig, whatchamacallit

die Angina (no pl.)
die Angina tonsillaris (med.) tonsillitis (med.); a severe inflammation of the mouth or throat

Die Angina ist eine akute Entzündung der Gaumenmandlen.
Tonsillitis [Angina in German] is an acute infection of the palatine tonsils.
Das Wort Angina bedeutet “Enge”, in diesem Fall im Bereich der Mandeln (Tonsillen), und beschreibt die Verengung der Rachenpassage, die durch die entzündliche Vergrößerung dieser Organe verursacht wird.
The word Angina means “narrowness,” in this case in the area of the tonsils, and describes the narrowing of the throat passage caused by the inflamed enlargement of these organs.

die Angina pectoris (med.) angina pectoris (chest pain caused by a lack of oxygen in the heart muscles)
die Mandel (-n) almond; tonsil
die Mandelentzündung tonsillitis

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