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A collection of advanced and intermediate German vocabulary with model sentences in German and English – plus audio. These vocabulary archives have been transferred from our former site, which is now closed. Over the next weeks and months we will continue to add more vocabulary.

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die Stupsnase (-n) snub nose, turned-up nose

Das typische «süße Wiener Mädel» ist eine Blondine mit Stupsnäschen und blauen Augen.
The typical “sweet Vienna maiden” is a blonde with a cute little turned-up nose and blue eyes.

der Stups push, shove; nudge
stupsen to push, shove; nudge

die Kaschemme (-n) joint, gin joint, (low) dive, cheap/disreputable tavern, honky-tonk, low pub

„Von allen Kaschemmen in allen Städten der ganzen Welt kommt sie ausgerechnet in meine.‟ – Rick Blaine, «Casablanca» (1942)
“Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she had to walk into mine.” – Rick Blaine, Casablanca (1942)
Warum sich ausgerechnet ein erfahrener Polizist als Gast in die Kaschemme in Bahnhofsnähe verirrte, bleibt sein Geheimnis.
Why an experienced policeman, of all people, ventured into the disreputable tavern near the train station as a customer, remains his secret.
«Käpt’n Blackbeards Spuk-Kaschemme» (1968, Disney-Film)
Blackbeard’s Ghost (1968, Disney movie, lit. “Captain Bluebeard’s Haunted Tavern”)

die Bierkaschemme beer joint
die Bar bar, pub
die Kneipe bar, pub
das Lokal bar, pub

der Rocker (-) biker, biker gang member (Hell’s Angels, etc.); rock musician (Rockmusiker)
die Rockerin (-nen) (f.) biker, biker girl, biker gang member (Hell’s Angels, etc.); rock musician (Rockmusiker)

Mit 800 Beamten ist die Polizei in vier Ländern gegen Rocker vorgegangen.
With 800 officers, the police in four German states have taken action against biker gang members.
Es gab Machtkämpfe zwischen den rivalisierenden Rockerklubs Hells Angels MC Oder City und Gremium MC Nomads Eastside.
There were power struggles between the rival biker gangs Hells Angels MC [= “motorcycle club”] Oder City and Gremium MC Nomads Eastside.
Der Urvater aller deutschen Rocker kommt nach Sachsen: “Udo. Die Ausstellung” ist vom 18. August bis 11. November auf Schloss Augustusburg bei Chemnitz zu sehen.
The father [forefather] of all German rock musicians [Udo Lindenberg] is coming to Saxony: “Udo. The Exhibition” can be seen from 18 August to 11 November at Augustusburg Palace near Chemnitz.

die Rockerbande (-n) biker gang
der Rockerklub (-s) biker club, biker gang
Note: German Rockerklubs facing criminal charges include the Bandidos, Hells Angels (without apostrophe) and the Gremium Nomads.
das Rockermilieu (-s) the biker (gang) scene
(Also see: Rocker – de.wikipedia)

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