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An Annotated German-English Glossary of Car-Buying Terms
This annotated German-English glossary specializes in vocabulary related to buying a car in Germany. For more about that, see our “How To”: How to Buy or Lease a Car in Germany – Autokauf in Deutschland

Smart car

Because the cost of fuel is twice as much per gallon as in the US, many Germans prefer a smaller vehicle like this Smart car. PHOTO: Hyde Flippo

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GERMAN-ENGLISH GLOSSARY of Terms for Car-Buying in Germany

Ankauf, der | purchase
Anmeldung, die | registration of your home address with German authorities
Autohändler, der | auto dealer, auto store
Autoversicherung, die | auto insurance

Bargeld, das | cash

finanzieren (v.t.) | to finance
Finanzierung, die | financing

Geldwäsche, die | money laundering
Geldwäschegesetzt, das | (anti-) money-laundering law

Haftpflicht, die | liability (insurance)

Kaufvertrag, der | sales agreement, sales contract
Kfz, das (das Kraftfahrzeug) | motor vehicle
Kfz-Kennzeichen, das | vehicle license plate, number plate
Kredit, der | credit; loan

leasen (v.t.) | to lease
Leasing, das | leasing
Lkw (der Lastkraftwagen) | truck, lorry

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Pkw, der (der Personenkraftwagen) | passenger car, automobile
Probefahrt, die | test drive

Schadensfreiheit, die | accident/damage free, no claims filed
Schwackeliste, die | a list of values for used cars, similar to the Kelly Blue Book in the US
Selbstbeteiligung, die | deductible amount (when filing a claim)
StVO, die | abbrev. of Straßenverkehrsordnung = traffic laws; Highway Code (Br)

Teilkasko, das | insurance coverage for fire, theft, third party
TÜV, der (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein) | German organization that checks the safety of technical installations, machinery and motor vehicles; safety inspection
TÜV-geprüft (adj) safety tested by the TÜV

Verkauf, der | sale
versichern (v.t.) | to insure
Versicherung, die | insurance
Vollkasko, das | (fully) comprehensive insurance coverage
Vorversicherung, die | pre-insurance (for buying a car)

zulassen (v.t.) | to register, license (a vehicle)
Zulassung, die | registration, licensing (of a vehicle)
Zulassungsstelle, die | (vehicle) registration office

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