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In our German Way Store you’ll find books, DVDs, travel items, and other products related to living, working or traveling in Germany, Austria and German Switzerland. Below are the personal recommendations from Sarah, one of our German Way Expat Bloggers.

NOTE: All of Sarah’s recommendations below are sold and shipped by, the German division of Amazon. In some cases you may be able to obtain the same book or product from in the US or Amazon in other countries.

Book Tips

Small Talk book

NO SUCH THING AS SMALL TALK is one of Sarah’s non-fiction book tips. See below for more.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (Kindle ebook, English)
Sarah: “My teenage daughter recommended this one. Set in Germany during World War II and narrated by Death itself.”

Tintenwelt: Tintenherz, Tintenblut, Tintentod by Cornelia Funke (Paperback or Kindle)
Sarah: “Another series recommended by my teenage daughter. Who needs Twilight? Funke’s ‘Ink World’ trilogy is also available in English.”
Amazon: “Die Prachtausgabe der ‘Tintenwelt’-Trilogie. In einer stürmischen Nacht taucht ein unheimlicher Gast bei Meggie und ihrem Vater Mo auf. Er warnt Mo vor einem Mann namens Capricorn. So beginnt das unglaubliche, magische und atemberaubende Abenteuer um ein Buch, das Tintenherz heißt und das Meggie, Mo und ihre Freunde in die zauberhafte, wunderschöne und grausame Tintenwelt führt Cornelia Funkes ‘Tintenwelt’-Trilogie wurde zum Weltbestseller, vielfach preisgekrönt und für das Kino verfilmt. Der Schuber enthält die kompletten Romane Tintenherz, Tintenblut und Tintentod.”

Hausfrau, by Jill Alexander Essbaum

Hausfrau is a novel by Jill Alexander Essbaum – set in Switzerland. IMAGE:
See Sarah’s review of this book.

Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten: Rubinrot / Saphirblau / Smaragdgrün by Kerstin Gier (3-Book Set – Paperback or Kindle)
Sarah: “One more for teen readers. Enchanting series with some time travel.”
Amazon: “Manchmal ist es ein echtes Kreuz, in einer Familie zu leben, die jede Menge Geheimnisse hat. Der Überzeugung ist zumindest die 16-Jährige Gwendolyn. Bis sie sich eines Tages aus heiterem Himmel im London um die letzte Jahrhundertwende wiederfindet. Ihr wird schnell klar, dass sie selbst das größte Geheimnis ihrer Familie ist, und dass man niemandem raten sollte, sich zwischen den Zeiten zu verlieben!”


No Such Thing as Small Talk: 7 Keys to Understanding German Business Culture by Melissa Lamson (Kindle)
Amazon: “…communication is multi-dimensional, and simply knowing a foreign language doesn’t mean one automatically understands the culture that goes with it. – With years of experience in creating and nurturing high-performing global teams, Lamson understands how ‘It’s not enough to know the language!’ In this book she focuses on Germany, a major business partner for the United States, and the country in which she has lived and worked for over a decade.”

English Grammar for Students Learning German (Paperback or Kindle)
Sarah: “When I taught German, I used this book as a reference to explain those horrible cases that English speakers just can’t imagine.”

USA Kochbuch by Sheila Lukins
Sarah: “Can’t figure out how to make ranch dressing like you know from home? Not willing to try out one of the thousand recipes you find on Google? Try this.”

Detroit, Michigan – Love Letters from an Alien (English): The Whole Story by Geertje Tutschka
Sarah: “Being from Detroit, I want to read this.”
Amazon: “Just imagine: You pack your bags, take your two children with you, and follow your spouse to the other end of the world. You decide to do all of this in a few weeks. – Would you be so brave? – Of course, you’re going to a civilized foreign country and everything is financially secure. It would also only be for a limited amount of time. – Sound tempting to you? – Oh, ahem, did I already mention that you’re going to Detroit, the city that’s been ranked number one in crimes for years? And has now officially declared bankruptcy? – Never ever? – Well…”

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Film Tips

Films on DVD/Blu-ray
Lola rennt (DVD, Region 2, PAL)
Sarah: “‘Run Lola Run’ is one of my favorite German films, and the soundtrack is excellent too. Twenty minutes to save the world, German style.”

Was nicht passt wird passend gemacht (DVD, Region 2, PAL)
Sarah: “My husband introduced me to this in-its-own-way hilarious German film set on a building site.”

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Other Product Tips

Cubano CD

MP3: Cubano Alemán

Cubano Alemán (Various artists, MP3 Album or Singles download)
Sarah: “German hits with a Cuban touch? Sounds strange, but who cares? Makes you dance.”

Panasonic Kopfhörer (Headphones, blue)
Sarah: “Traveling with kids? They can’t keep the ear buds in their ears when they’re watching a movie or listening to an audiobook. It is getting harder and harder to find kid-friendly headphones that aren’t from Dr. Dre. You’re welcome.”

Sarah: “Yet another gadget to keep your kids happy on long trips. We got the UK version to keep up their English. Several years later they are still using them on trips and during longer evenings in restaurants.”

TeckNet® PowerZen Mini iEP330 3000mAh Ultra-kompakt Mobil USB Externer Akku Pack
Sarah: “Smartphone dying on your flight home? No more.”
Amazon: “Tragbares Ladegerät Power Bank mit eingebauter LED Taschenlampe für Smartphones und Tablets.”

HDMI Cable
Sarah: “Want to stream TV from your laptop? You need this.”
Amazon: “Hochgeschwindigkeits-HDMI-Kabel (Ethernet, 3D, und Audio-Return) 2m.”

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