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Working online can be interesting, but it can also lead to a writer feeling somewhat isolated. Some of our current six German Way Expat Bloggers have met each other in person, but not everyone has met everyone in our group face-to-face. I have met most of them in person myself, always somewhere in Germany.

GW expat bloggers

The three original GW Expat Blog team members (plus kids) in 2009. PHOTO: The German Way

Besides myself (in the USA), our team includes Jane (Germany), Ruth (Canada), Chloë (Germany), Sarah (Germany) and Erin (Germany). Several other expat bloggers have left us (including the only other male), but are still in touch. We had a blogger Treff (get-together) in Heidelberg back in the summer of 2009. My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Jane and Sarah, and their spouses at Sarah’s home near Heidelberg. It’s hard to believe that five years have zoomed by since then (in which time Sarah and her family moved to Ireland and then back to Germany).

All of these great people, past and present, have many years of collective experience as American or Canadian expats living in Germany. It is the main reason our blog has become such a great resource for expats and would-be expats in the German-speaking world.

Now we have put all that experience together in a new book to be published later this year, The German Way Expat Guide. Even though we have not all met in person, we’re now working as a team to finish this unique book for expats. All of us are proofreading this compendium of past blogs, and realizing how amazing a compendium it is. Somehow, reading all of these blogs that span many years, we can see what great writers we have in this team. For me it was not a huge surprise, but it was interesting to see what we’ve created since the German Way Expat blog first went live in 2008. At that time I was living in Berlin (and loving it!).

Now it’s time for us to meet each other again, this time in the dynamic German capital. Especially with the new book, it’s time to meet again face-to-face. But we aren’t making this an exclusive get-together. We’re also inviting other bloggers living in Germany, Austria or German-speaking Switzerland to join us. If you’re interested, please contact me about the time and location. We plan to meet in Berlin on a day between August 24 and 30, 2014 – and I think you’ll like the location. We’d love to meet you and share ideas about blogging, books, and life in German-speaking Europe.

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