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7. Dezember – Der Adventskalender

Festive Shooting: Berchtesgadener Böller (Small Cannons)


Christkindlanschießen in München-Moosach
PHOTO: Der Tieger,

The “silent night” of the Bavarian Alps is suddenly pierced by the sound of gunfire! Gunshots echo throughout the Berchtesgaden region of Bavaria at midnight on Christmas Eve. The 1200 members of the festive shooting club known as the Berchtesgadener Böller spread out in the Berchtesgaden valley in their traditional costumes to welcome the Christ Child at the stroke of midnight. Using old-fashioned pistols and small cannons called Böller, they fire off a total of about 7,000 rounds. A week later they repeat their noisy custom for New Year’s Eve. First mentioned in 1666, the Berchtesgaden shooting tradition goes back to the invention of gunpowder (Schießpulver) and pagan times when loud noises were thought to drive away evil spirits. When done for Christmas, the custom is also known as Christkindlanschießen (see photo above).

The custom of Böllerschießen (also known as Prangerschießen) is not just reserved for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It also takes place during Oktoberfest, and for weddings and other festive occasions. There are many Böller associations in communities all across Bavaria whose members enjoy carrying out this booming business. A similar tradition also exists in Salzburg, Austria and other Alpine regions.

VIDEO: Böllerschießen, Oktoberfest 2016, Munich

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