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What is the Forum?
The German Way Forum is a discussion group for expats concerned with daily life and the cultural and language aspects of the German-speaking world. Many of our members are American and other expats living in Germany or other German-speaking countries. If you want to know more or share information about how Austrians, Germans, and the Swiss think, do business, and act in their daily lives, then the German Way Forum is the place.

Who should join?
Our members are mostly English-speaking people living in a German-speaking country. Whether you are a novice or an expert in things Germanic, the German Way Forum, powered by Yahoo!Groups, is a good place to give and get information. Expats in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, or expats-to-be who will soon be there find the Forum particularly useful for sharing practical information. Trying to figure out a German expression? Ask in the Forum. Need info about renting or buying a house or apartment in Germany? Ask in the Forum.

What topics are discussed?
The best way to see what is discussed in our Forum is to join the Forum (It’s free!) and take a look. You’ll see a great variety of topics, ranging from “Driving in Germany” to “Finding a Job.” Of course, the topics are constantly changing. Feel free to add your own new topic—as long as it concerns life in the German-speaking countries. (Also see the Forum Archive for past topics.)

Joining the Forum
To avoid spammers and trolls, we ask you to demonstrate you are (1) a human and (2) you are genuinely interested in the Forum topics and life in a German-speaking country. You will be asked to write a few words about why you want to join our forum.

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