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This categorized list of past German Way Expat Blog posts is designed as a resource to help you find expat information and advice written by our team of experienced American, British and Canadian expats who have already been there and done that. It is arranged by categories ranging from AUSTRIA to WORK. You can browse the entries or click on a category to jump to it.

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This is not a complete list of our blog posts, but it includes many of our most popular past posts. Also consider a “tag” search for terms such as food, laws and regulations, or Switzerland.

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Donna Summer and the Spago-Moroder-Puck Connection – No, Boston-born Donna Summer, the “Queen of disco,” was not German, but she spoke German and her music career got its start in Munich, Germany in the 1970s. More…

AUSTRIA > Tag: “Austria”
Austria and Germany: Worlds Apart – They may be neighbors, but they have some different ways of doing things.

Landeskunde for Expats – Do you know your geography? Do you know something about where you are? Don’t be a know-nothing expat!

BANKING and MONEY > Category: “The euro and money matters”
ATMs in Germany: Chips versus Magstripes – Using credit/debit cards in Germany

German banking (and credit cards) for beginners – Cash or credit? In Germany the answer is almost always cash.

Put Away Your Checkbook – Ruth writes about money and banking – and how checks are so rare in Germany.

BUREAUCRACY and RED TAPE > Category: “Red tape”
German Residence Permit Day: A True Story – or how NOT to get your Aufenthaltstitel

Learning to Hate Deutsche Telekom – Erin on the “joys” of dealing with DT, Germany’s biggest phone company

At the top of the Reichstag dome

At the top of the Reichstag dome in Berlin. PHOTO: Hyde Flippo

Cell Phone Tips for International Travelers and Road Warriors

8 Things to Know About Giving Birth in Germany

Au Pair in Germany – the Hosting How to Guide – Some solid advice based on Jane’s experience

Babysitting in Germany – How-to’s for babysitting and child care in Germany

Dressing Your Kid for German KiTa – Erin offers her tips on coping with the German mania for bundling up.

Preparing your Child for Preschool in Germany – Erin tells you how to get ready for sending your child off to German preschool.

Pregnant in Germany – You’re expecting a child in Germany. Now what?

10 Things I Love About Germans – Ruth’s observations upon leaving Germany after years as an expat there

American Small Talk vs German No Talk – Germans aren’t really into idle chit-chat.

Germans: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Apartment Numbers – Why don’t Germans have apartment numbers? The weirdness of addresses and house numbers in Germany.

Germany’s Cash Culture: “Geld stinkt nicht” – Why are credit cards so unpopular in Germany? Germany’s cash culture explained.

German Weddings – Marriage German style

VPNs and Netflix in Germany – Erin reveals how much you can learn about Germany by watching deutsches Fernsehen (TV)

German Toilets are one of those things that you give little thought to – until you’re in a different country.

Life and Customs: Germany versus Sweden – Even neighboring countries in Europe can be very different from each other.

Racing in the Right or Wrong Direction – It’s not just driving on the left or right; why do horses race clockwise here, and counterclockwise there?

How to Tell When Germans Are Really being Rude versus Just Being German – Are Germans as rude as the French? As rude as Americans? What is “rude” really?

Still A Culture Shock: The Lack of Personal Space – Yet another thing that varies from culture to culture
Also see: Expat “How To” Guides – All of our “How To” guides for expats in Germany

Free College Degrees in Germany – Bernie Sanders has been talking about something that Germany already has.

Homeschooling verboten – In Germany children are required to attend school, and that’s why homeschooling is not allowed.

ENTERTAINMENT • Movies | Kino | TV
Are NextTV’s German Channels Gone Forever, or Not? – Actually, some of them are back.

Confessions of an Expat TV Addict – Erin offers tips on how to watch TV from home.

Going to the Cinema in Cologne for English-speaking Expats – Larger cities in Germany have cinemas that show Hollywood films in English.

VPNs and Netflix in Germany – How to cope with geo-blocking and other barriers to TV and video viewing

EXPAT ISSUES > Category: “Expat issues”
Expat Tip: Buy an E-Reader – Unlike the bad old days, ebooks and online newspapers offer expats a way to maintain their native language a remain current with their homeland.

For Expats, by Expats: The Making of Germany for Beginners: The German Way Expat Guidebook – What if you could sit down with a team of expats for advice? Now, with The German Way Expat Guidebook, you can.

Gifts from Germany – What to bring when you visit home, friends, business people

Landeskunde for Expats – Do you know your regional geography? Do you know something about where you are? Don’t be a know-nothing expat!

Moving to Germany: The Top 10 Things to Consider – Some things you may not have thought of before moving to Germany
Also see our Expat “How To” Guides – All of our “How To” guides for expats in Germany

FOOD and DRINK > Tag: “Food”
Döner Kebab and Deutschland – Jay writes about Germany’s national dish – that came from Turkey!

Drinking Kaffee in Germany – Why do the Germans have such lousy coffee?

It’s not quite cheese, it’s not quite yoghurt – “I first heard of Quark (such a wonderfully German name) 7 years ago…” – Chloë

Foods That Are Hard to Find in Germany – But you can find many of them if you know where to look.

LANGUAGE > Category: “Learning German”
How I Became Fluent in German – Fast – Jane’s advice on immersing yourself in Deutsch

German – from Berlin to Rural Hessen – Chloë writes about German dialects. The German that expats hear is rarely standard Hochdeutsch.

Keine Gelegenheit versäumen – Don’t miss your chance – Chloë cautions not to miss opportunities to improve your German.

LAWS and REGULATIONS > Tag: “laws and regulations”
An Expensive Lesson in the Laws of the Land – A minor auto accident in Germany turned into a hard lesson. Doing “the right thing” in one country may be the wrong thing in another.

American Expats, the IRS, FATCA and Other F-words – Tax time can be even more difficult for US expats abroad.

Gone Fishin’ – Ruth on the difficulty of getting a fishing licence in Germany

For the Expat-Pet-People – Jessica: “…upon arriving in Germany with my crazy Canadian cocker spaniel, it quickly became evident that my role as a dog owner was in need of some adaptation.”

MEDICAL MATTERS > Category: “Medical Matters”
In Case of an Emergency – Jane on having and au pair and dealing with a medical emergency. It’s more than just calling 112.

The German health care jungle – Sarah’s advice on dealing with Germany’s private/public health insurance system

WORK • ARBEIT > Tag: “Work”
Expat Tip: Want to Find Work in Germany? Have a Job. – Job seekers in Germany need to know about this!

German Residence Permit Day: A True Story – or how NOT to get your Aufenthaltstitel

So You Want to Work in Germany: Do You Have To Learn German? – The short answer: jein (yes and no). But there’s much more to it than that.
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