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Welcome! Willkommen! Our GW Expat Blog team regularly posts new blogs aimed at English-speaking expats living in a German-speaking country. We always welcome your comments. In fact, we encourage them! In order to post a blog comment, you must be a registered, logged-in user. To log in or register, use one of the links below.

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About Hyde
The webmaster and owner of this website, Hyde Flippo, was born in New Mexico (USA). He is happy to share his birthday with the late Austrian-American film director Billy Wilder. After growing up in California and North Carolina, Hyde has lived in Reno, Nevada since 1960 – when he and his wife aren’t in Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, or somewhere else in the world.

The German Way was his first published book. His latest publication is Perfect Phrases in German. Before that, he authored When in Germany, Do As the Germans Do. He also co-wrote Deutsche Sagen und Legenden (German Legends) with Herb Kernecker. All four books are available from or your local bookstore.

For ten years (1998-2008) Hyde was the Guide (now “Expert”) for German Language at, a position he gave up in March 2008 in order to devote more time to his writing and websites. Much of that content is still online.

The author and his wife continue to travel in Europe and the German-speaking countries from time to time, visiting friends and relatives, doing more book research, taking pictures, and enjoying the culture. In 2007/2008 and in 2011 Hyde lived in Berlin to immerse himself in the German language and culture.

His new publishing house, H. Flippo & Sons Publishing Co., LLC, under its Humboldt American Press imprint, published a new German grammar review book featuring Hagar® and Peanuts® cartoons in German in October 2012. Deutsch macht Spaß is authored by Brigitte Dubiel. For more Humboldt American Press titles, including Germany for Beginners: The German Way Expat Guidebook. This new book, based on our online blog, is set to appear this spring (2016).

Besides The German Way, you’re also invited to visit our Humboldt American Press site.

To contact us, please send an email to: hflippo2001 (at)

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