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We are now accepting new applicants for GW co-bloggers or guest bloggers. (Co-bloggers are on our blog schedule; guest bloggers post occasional blogs.) Below you can learn more about our team and how you can join us.


Berlin sculpture

Several members of our blog team reside in Berlin or have lived there. But we welcome expat bloggers from anywhere in the German-speaking world. PHOTO: Hyde Flippo

Hyde: I have traveled and spent time in German-speaking Europe for a little over four decades. I have Austrian relatives and good friends in Germany and Switzerland. I spent almost a year living in Berlin (2007-2008), plus another two months there in 2011. For many years I taught German at the college and high-school levels. I have seen more of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland than most Europeans (and most Germans, etc.). I have written or co-written several books about German culture and the German language. But even with all that, there are many expat experiences and points of view that I can’t reflect by myself. Our co-writers have posted blogs about things I have little or no experience with: being pregnant in Germany, raising kids in Germany, and working for a German firm. (Similar experience in Austria or Switzerland would also be welcome.) That is why I have invited other people with their own unique expat experiences to join me in helping other expats.

Besides writing and computer skills, one important requirement for new team members is real expat experience. All the people selected to date have exceeded the basic requirements. Our co-bloggers live in a German-speaking country (or have lived in one recently), have German life and work experience, and in some cases are married to a German, and have children. Each of us posts one or two blog entries per month on a revolving basis. (This depends on the current size of the team.) The topics are pretty much anything that relates to and helps fellow expats or travelers in German-speaking Europe. We write about coping with the usual (and unusual) expat issues: language, daily culture, bureaucracy, food/cooking, schools, family and work issues, and all the other things that expats and expat families have to deal with sooner or later.

Our regular blog team members each periodically receive a portion of the GW website revenue, and they also can earn extra money writing articles and “How To” guides for our website. Regular German Way writers (two to four blog posts per month) who have been with us for at least six months may receive a stipend for each new post they contribute. Paid contributors are independent contractors, not employees. Payments are made via PayPal. Note: Guest bloggers do not receive any remuneration.

To apply for this position, all you have to do is send me:

  1. A sample of a blog entry or two that you would like to submit, and/or a link to your online work;
  2. a brief bio with your general background and experience (no more than half a page);
  3. a brief statement of why you would be a good choice for this job, including any existing websites or blogs you run, if any, and…
  4. your email and postal mailing address with Postleitzahl.

All information you provide will be kept confidential. Please send everything (1-4) as plain text (no attachments, no Word (.doc), html or other files!) in an email to:

Mr. Hyde Flippo
hflippo2001 (at) (using the normal email-address format)
SUBJECT: GW co-blogger application

We hope to hear from you soon!