About Sarah Elwell

Sarah Elwell’s German Way adventure began in July 2016. Having not stepped foot in the country before making the decision, it was quite a leap of faith. Helping her make the decision was her partner, who had landed a fantastic opportunity with a well known food manufacturer, based just outside of Bremen. Together they have tackled the big move and gradually settled in to a German way of life.

Sarah Elwell

GW Expat Blogger Sarah Elwell.

Sarah works remotely as a community coordinator for Shift.ms, a UK-based online social network for people with multiple sclerosis. Her work sees her travel back and forth between Germany and her home country, the UK. A route so frequently travelled, she can predict the snacks that KLM are going to offer her on each flight. Much of the week is spent in her home office, whilst weekends are dedicated to exploring the area near and far. So far she’s ticked off the list Freiburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Konstanz, Hamburg, Hannover, Baden-Baden, and Heidelberg, and looks forward to checking out more great locations that Germany has to offer.

Since moving to Bremen, Sarah has been keeping an online diary of her time at girlwithoutsquash.wordpress.com – the blog name was born upon realising that Germany didn’t have the same taste for squash/cordial as British people. She may have rethought her decision if she knew beforehand. However, she has a new-found love for beer.

There are many things she misses from home, but the new experiences in Germany have so far made up for this. Sarah now counts herself as one of the many cyclist in Bremen, an avid baker when she can find self-raising flour, beer drinker and a keen pruner of balcony plants.