About Laura

Laura Vázquez was born and raised in Mexico City. Currently a resident of Karlsruhe, she has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s in International Economic and Cooperation Relations (MBA coming up next). After half a decade working in the marketing field for a Canadian-based company, she started in early 2016 to pursue something closer to international cultural exchanges and cooperation for development.

Laura Vázquez

GW Expat Blogger Laura Vázquez.

Laura is a dog enthusiast, amateur singer, storyteller, and cook – and of course madly in love with Germany for more than 15 years and counting. A six-year-long ping-pong game of bouncing between Mexico and Germany was the result of said love. The good news? It’s finally coming to an end in the very, very near future. Germany will become my permanent place of residence.

Places Laura has called home: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Berlin, and Karlsruhe.

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