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Erin embarked on the expat adventure to Berlin in 2007 with her American, German-speaking boyfriend. Erin was sure that within a year she would be speaking German and ready to settle down back in Seattle – neither of which happened.


Erin visits Bern, the Swiss capital.

A return to the States proved that, despite Erin’s failure in conquering the German language, it had not prevented her from falling in love with the county. After two years, Erin did the only logical thing and returned with her personal translator, now husband, to Berlin.

Still not exactly sure what she is doing, Erin writes about expat life as the Content Editor of EasyExpat and networks with other people who have made the leap abroad. At home in Berlin, Erin is constantly on the hunt for cheap eats which she tirelessly photographs for science and her blog, Back to Berlin…and Beyond! Always up for an oddball adventure, she is not above inventing her own such as the drinking tour of the U-Bahn she named “the U-Blau.” She has appeared on American reality TV show “House Hunters International” and is not embarrassed at all that she said “wow” around a hundred times. She is still engaged in a ferocious battle with the German language.

Erin is also a contributor to the German Way Expat “How To” Guides. Recent motherhood has made her an expert on Giving Birth in Germany. Also see her tips on shopping in Germany and other topics.

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