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Inheriting a maternal love for literature and a paternal love for business, Chloe is the youngest child of two academics. Growing up in Hull, Yorkshire, with brief interludes in Vanuatu, in the South Pacific, and Grimsby, Lincolnshire, hers was a laissez-faire childhood filled with piano lessons, yellowing copies of the Economist, and fantastical fictional adventures.

At 18 Chloe went to Oxford to study history and German, where, so determinedly interested in art and literature and desperate to be cultivated, she spent her time reading German philosophy, acting in obscure German plays and taking the bus to London to see exhibitions (with enough un-blue-stocking adventures thrown in for good measure).

On graduation her love for literature and grasp of numbers won her a job as a literary agent in London. Then, fascinated by the workings of business, she went on to run an education consultancy in Mayfair, advising terrifically bright students on their applications to Oxford and Cambridge Universities. In spare moments, she wrote short stories, jogged to yoga classes, and revelled in London’s culture paradise.

In February 2010 Chloe moved from London to Berlin with her German husband and gave birth to their twins a few months later. Twin motherhood in a foreign country has unquestionably been her hardest and most awe-inspiring challenge so far, in terms of physical and emotional stamina, steadfastness, ingenuity and organisation. But there are the tears of laughter to wash away the tears of fatigue, and between blogging about her experiences, working as a freelance copywriter and translator, running half marathons and cooking soul-lifting meals, she is happy, sane and ambitious for the next phase.

Chloe is also one of the co-authors of Germany for Beginners: The German Way Expat Guidebook, based on the German Way Expat Blog.

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