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Alie isn’t one of those people who ever envisioned living outside of her home country, especially somewhere she couldn’t speak the language. Then life happened. Originally an accompanying partner (not a trailing spouse) with a detailed 12-month plan to travel, learn a language and check out German culture from the inside. Life decided to extend those plans and she ended up, five years later, with a Dirndl, a love of beer festivals, and living in a wonky half-timbered house in deepest Baden-Württemberg.

Alie writes about Germany, the good, bad and ugly of living somewhere – which both exasperates and delights her on a daily basis. Initially survival was the reason for her constant exploration – “must find coriander” – but the life long learner insider her always kicks in and a new challenge is just around the corner. Currently working on mastering the ukulele under the tutelage of a no-nonsense Swabian, the music is going well but the dialect will definitely take longer to crack.

You can find her via a guilty pleasure, social media, any time she isn’t reading, swearing at her sewing machine or taking photos. The transient nature of expat life has not stopped her putting down roots: she was always a European, but she now considers herself a local in more than one country.

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