“For Expats, by Expats” – The Making of Germany for Beginners: The German Way Expat Guidebook

“What if you could sit down with a team of expats, and get advice from people who together have decades of experience living and working in Germany?”

Whether you’re new to expat life in German-speaking Europe, or you’ve been an expat for years, there’s always more to learn about coping with culture shock and all the other challenges that English-speaking expats encounter after moving to Germany, Austria or German Switzerland. So, what if you could sit down with a team of expats, and get advice from people who together have decades of experience living and working in Germany? It may sound impossible, but now there’s a way to do something just like that – via a new book to be published this spring.

Now Available!
Germany for Beginners is now available from Amazon.com and Amazon.de in ebook and paperback editions. See more buying options here.

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Germany for Beginners will be available in paperback and e-book editions.

Germany for Beginners: The German Way Expat Guidebook allows you to gain access to the personal knowledge and experience of eight current and former expats, who have written about their experiences for the German Way Expat Blog for years. Many of our expat writers living in Germany and Switzerland have been sharing their thoughts and tips every week since the blog began in October 2008 until now. That means there were more than 350 blog posts online at the time the book was being prepared. (More recent posts and other topics will be published in a planned second volume.)

But 350 blog posts would make a much too lengthy, unwieldy book. So the Germany for Beginners editors went through all those posts, gathering together the best, most relevant and helpful ones. Then they arranged them by topic and carefully edited the selected items into an anthology for your reading enjoyment. Out of 350+ posts, the editors ended up with 78 entries under 19 expat topics arranged alphabetically for the Germany for Beginners book – all carefully edited and updated, some with photos.

EXPAT TOPICS in Germany for Beginners
Below are the topics readers will find in the book, with the number of entries for each in (parentheses).

  • Air Travel (2)
  • Angst and Coping (3)
  • Banking and Money (4)
  • Business and the Workplace (7)
  • Daily Life (5)
  • Driving in Germany and Europe (4)
  • Food and Drink (4)
  • Football (Fußball) German Style (2)
  • Geography and History (4)
  • Getting Along with the Natives (5)
  • Health and Healing (3)
  • Holidays and Celebrations (6)
  • House and Home (6)
  • Language (4)
  • Legal Matters and Red Tape (3)
  • Leisure Time (4)
  • Pets (3)
  • Schools and Education (5)
  • Social Issues and Attitudes (4)

Since the book is organized by topic, you have the choice of skipping to particular topics of interest, or reading it straight through from cover to cover. Either way, we think you’ll enjoy the book and learn a lot about expat life in German-speaking Europe. As our German Way Expat Blog tagline says: “For expats, by expats.”

The Contributing Authors
Since fall 2008, about a dozen writers have posted blog entries for the German Way Expat Blog. Although some of them are no longer with our team, and new writers have come on board, all their blogs are still online. Eight former and current expat bloggers agreed to contribute to the first volume of Germany for Beginners. The contributing authors have lived as expats in Aalen, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Essen, the Eifel, Frankfurt am Main, Freiburg, Hamburg, Stuttgart, and Zurich. They hail from various parts of Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Two of the book’s eight expat authors are male.

78 Articles
No book for expats can cover everything. But Germany for Beginners goes beyond the essentials, delving into areas that don’t always get covered in typical expat guides. Here are just ten titles from the book’s 78 articles:

  • The German Healthcare Jungle (p. 165)
  • How to Tell When Germans Are Being Rude vs Just Being German (p. 147)
  • Finding a Job in Germany (p. 52)
  • How to Get a German Driver’s License (p. 93)
  • Levels of Language Proficiency: My Life in Germany (p. 208)
  • American Expats, the IRS, FATCA and Other F-Words (p. 34)
  • Expat Life and Loneliness (p. 22)
  • For the Expat Pet People (p. 240)
  • Transatlantic with the Toddler (p. 17)
  • International Schools: Going Local or Not (p. 264)

Other entries cover topics ranging from gay rights to church attendance, from the “killer draft” to international money transfers, from eating vegan to Germany’s north-south divide, and from German shopping hours to the so-called “trailing spouse.” The book is aimed at expat newbies, as well as those with more experience. Even seasoned expats will discover some new perspectives and insights into being an expat in Germany, Austria or German Switzerland.

Ebook and Paperback Editions
GERMANY FOR BEGINNERS is available in both print and ebook editions. Both editions are available now from Amazon.com, Amazon.de, and other online booksellers. You can also order it from your local bookstore. See our German Way Facebook and Twitter pages for updated information. Please see Book: Germany for Beginners for more buying options.


Germany for Beginners: The German Way Expat Guidebook
An anthology of key blog posts from the German Way Expat Blog
Publisher: Humboldt American Press | Reno, Nevada, USA
Edited by Jane Park and Hyde Flippo

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