Driving in Europe

For Americans and Canadians, driving in Europe presents no great difficulty, only some minor differences. Especially on the Autobahn, North American drivers need to be aware of a few variations in the rules of the road, but otherwise it’s not that different from driving in Canada or the USA. Our “Driving” pages tell you what you need to know to be a happy driver in German-speaking Europe.

Die Autobahn
A little history of the Autobahn and important information related to driving on the freeways/motorways of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Driving in Austria
The Austrian Autobahn toll sticker

Driving in Germany
General information and what you need to know about driving and the rules of the road in Germany and Europe – including ADAC, pro mille, TÜV, and other terms. Also see “Driving on the Autobahn” above.

Driving in Switzerland
The Swiss Autobahn toll sticker

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